This is Frederick Stevens

Hi, I’m Frederick Stevens, certified meditation teacher and founder of Inclusive Prayer Day.

If you want a career in meditation, becoming a meditation teacher is a great way to help people develop their practice. This job is not stressful and has roots in Eastern philosophy that date back thousands of years. In addition, it is a growing field in the United States, and Western doctors and nurses are beginning to recognize the health benefits of meditation. In fact, some are even taking classes in meditation teacher training as part of their continuing education.

There are several different types of meditation teacher training, including live training events and webinars. Some of them even offer online videos, audio meditations, and worksheets. Some also offer email support. However, online training does not provide the same level of personal guidance that in-person classes can offer. Ideally, online courses will have online support in the form of online forums and exclusive Facebook groups where meditation teachers can share ideas and support one another.

The first step to becoming a meditation teacher is finding the best practice for your needs. While meditation is an easy practice, it is always best to be guided by an experienced teacher. A meditation teacher will help you cultivate inner peace and help you share this with others.