Fraud Lawyer – Why You Need a Fraud Lawyer

Fraud Lawyer Winnipeg

Fraud is a criminal offence that involves the depriving of others of goods, property, money or services through a variety of means including, but not limited to, forging documents and cheques, identity theft, breach of trust, credit card fraud and a breach of electoral law. It falls under the broad category of white collar crimes and is classified as either being Fraud Under $5000 or Fraud Over $5000. It differs from robbery and theft in that the perpetrator typically seeks to conceal their actions while committing a fraud, and that the Crown typically prosecutes this crime on a more serious basis than other types of offences.

Fraud Lawyer Winnipeg defence lawyer understands how to defend against all forms of fraud related charges and has a proven track record in fighting these cases at every level. The Crown must adhere to certain strict rules when prosecuting fraud claims under the Criminal Code of Canada. These include notifying the alleged victim of the charge, maintaining confidentiality and not releasing any information to anyone who is not a part of the prosecution team.

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A guilty verdict in a fraud case will be damaging to your career, reputation and personal life. You need a firm that is devoted to defending and upholding your rights. Contact our firm to book a free consultation to discuss your case with one of our expert Winnipeg Fraud Lawyers. We offer in person or video conference meetings at no cost and all communications are protected by solicitor client privilege.

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