Tennis Court Refurbishment

tennis court refurbishment

Resurfacing a tennis court refurbishment is a two-phase process. During the repair phase, cracks are filled and the surface is usually leveled. The resurfacing phase is when new coats of paint are applied, which is not only decorative but also fills voids and helps protect the surface from future damage.

Ideally, you should have your tennis court resurfaced every three to five years, although this is dependent upon how often the court is used and the climate where you live. It’s also important to perform regular maintenance, such as power washing the surface and applying degreasers when necessary. If you’re unsure whether your court needs resurfacing, it’s best to consult an expert and ask for their opinion.

The Ultimate Guide to Tennis Court Refurbishment: A Step-by-Step Process

A good quality foundation and effective drainage system are essential to extend the time between resurfacing jobs. Moisture that drains away from the court quickly minimizes the growth of mold, mildew, and weeds. Cleaning the surface daily, and especially after rain is also a must. Debris, such as leaves should be cleaned regularly as they can block drainage points and divert water to areas you don’t want it to go.

If your court is old and deteriorating, it may be time to consider resurfacing it with artificial grass. This is a more complex job than resurfacing alone and should be done by professionals who are familiar with the process. In order to prepare the base for a new grass installation, it may be necessary to resurface the existing asphalt with drainage asphalt or granite sieves before laying the artificial turf.

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