Single Glazed Partitions

single glazed partitions

Whether you’re designing the perfect office floor plan for your company or you’re looking to rent out space in your building, you want to maximize occupancy rates and income, while minimizing operating costs. Unlike traditional drywall partitions that have to be torn out and reinstalled when layouts change, portable glass partition walls are a smart, stylish solution to meeting these goals. Find out

Single glazed partitions are a modern glass solution used to divide up large open spaces without compromising on light, air flow or the professional image of a business. They’re available in a range of acoustic ratings, with lab STC scores indicating the level of soundproofing that can be achieved. The transparency of the glass also enables natural light to freely flow throughout the space, helping reduce lighting costs and giving a fresher atmosphere. In addition, glass partitions can be customised with manifestations for added privacy and branding that’s still compliant with safety requirements.

Efficiency in Transparency: Choosing Single Glazed Partitions for Your Office

To ensure your glass partitions are as aesthetically pleasing as possible, it’s worth contacting a trusted installer to discuss the options available to you. They can advise you on how to maximise the amount of glass for a stunning look, whilst keeping within your budget. They can also provide you with a quote for the cost of materials including glazing track and panels, based on the size of your space. These quotes will typically exclude VAT. They may also need to factor in site complexities and additional work prior to installation, which can influence the final price tag.

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