URL Checker API

URL checker API

The URL checker API ets developers retrieve the original URL behind a shortened URL. This allows them to analyze and process this information within their applications and systems. This can be useful for businesses that have a lot of shortened URLs on their sites or apps, and want to be sure that their links are safe.

To use the URL inspection API, a webmaster or site owner must have Google search console configured with a verified property and enable URL Inspection. This can be done by clicking ‘Config > API Access > Google Search Console’ and choosing the account and property that should be enabled.

Ensuring Web Safety: Leveraging a URL Checker API for Reliable URL Analysis

When enabled, the URL inspection API can automatically detect and warn users about dangerous websites by scanning all linked content for phishing, malware, spam, adware and other types of malicious software. It works by comparing the current url to Google’s constantly updated lists of known bad domains and sites.

There are many ways to automate the detection of unsafe URLs, from using scheduling and our new export for Data Studio feature to integrating with our URL Inspection API Data Studio template. However, the simplest way is to use our online tool, which can check up to 200 URLs at a time.

The service pings every hostname and IP address and returns the speed (network latency) and status of the host, as well as some other details about it, like DNS records. It also provides an API, which can be used to check the status of a given website in real-time.

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