Halo Dog Collar Review

The Halo dog collar is a state-of-the-art virtual fence, GPS tracker and training device all in one. It’s been used by thousands of dog owners who credit it with saving their pets lives. Unlike traditional invisible or shock collars, it uses sound and gentle vibrations to encourage dogs to stay within their safe zones. And if they do make it beyond the safety zone, instant feedback will alert them and GPS tracking will help you find them.

Is Halo Collar safe?

In addition to the GPS and activity monitoring, Halo also offers a free 21-day training program that will teach your pet to respond to feedback. It also helps them to understand when the feedback is appropriate or not, which will ensure that they remain safe in all areas of your property. The training program will also prepare them for future outdoor adventures and long expeditions with their owners. Halo also offers a wide range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, cellular and WIFI. This means that it will work even if the battery dies or your phone connection is lost.

The company has recently released a new version of the Halo dog collar, Halo 2+. The latest model has been a great improvement from the previous one, which received mixed reviews due to its poor accuracy in determining the dog’s location and occasional false alarms. In the halo 2+, they’ve made several improvements to address these complaints and also added additional features. For example, you can now allocate up to 20 fenced areas and use Beacons to create ‘no-go’ zones.

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