Letters of Administration – A Step-By-Step Guide

letter of administration qld

If a loved one has passed away in Qld without a will, or their Will is no longer valid, it may be necessary to obtain Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court to deal with their estate. This involves collecting and distributing assets, and settling the deceased’s debts. In this article, we discuss the process of applying for and obtaining Letters of Administration, and we provide a step-by-step guide to what is involved.

Who can apply for a grant of administration?

The person(s) letter of administration qld to administer the estate under intestacy laws of the state of Queensland is known as the “administrator”. In most cases, this will be a spouse or de facto partner or children of the deceased. If more than one person is entitled to a share of the estate, they can jointly apply for letters of administration or obtain written consent (in an affidavit) from each other person entitled to apply.

Letter of Administration in Queensland: Exploring the Process and Requirements for Estate Administration

The cost of a Letters of Administration application depends on how much the deceased left behind and whether they had any assets in another state. For example, it can be more cost effective to apply for a grant in a jurisdiction other than Queensland if there are no Queensland-specific assets in the estate.

Obtaining a Letters of Administration can be a complex process and requires professional legal assistance. Armstrong Legal can assist with preparing an application and supporting documents, publishing, serving, responding to any requisitions and ensuring that all applicable filing fees are paid.

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