Turbo Force Hybrid Tile Cleaner – The Professional’s Choice

turbo force hybrid tile cleaner


Turbo force hybrid tile cleaner ┬áis the professional’s choice for open area cleaning. It operates at pressures up to 2,500 psi and cleans 400-1,000 sq/ft in an hour. It features high impact jets that concentrate your portable or truck mount water power for cleaning tiles, grout, counters, soot, grime, graffiti, etc. The patented automatic vacuum compensator leaves surfaces drier so your customers are thrilled with the results. It is lightweight and has a comfortable grip non-slip handle for your convenience.

Maximize Your Tile Cleaning Efficiency with Turbo Force Hybrid Tile Cleaner

The turbo hybrid has a hard rubber and nylon brush ring that lasts longer than other brands. The turbo hybrid also includes a concrete cleaning adaptor for rough surfaces.

Read the complete article by Taf Baig, IICRC Certified Carpet & Upholstery Instructor. Click here.

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