How to Create a Custom Print on Metal

custom print on metal

Custom print on metal is a unique and exciting way to display your favorite photos. These prints have a modern, frameless look that gives your photos a sleek and contemporary appearance, but they are also durable and can last for decades without degrading or being damaged by water.

Unlike other print methods, the images you choose for your custom metal prints will be printed directly onto a durable aluminum sheet. This allows the finished product to withstand humidity and other elements, and it makes it possible to hang them in any room without worrying about peeling or yellowing.

The process used to create custom metal prints involves a special method called heat transfer sublimation. This process uses a high-temperature press to fuse the sublimation paper to the metal substrate.

Custom Print on Metal: The Perfect Way to Showcase Your Photos and Artwork

This produces a clear base that reflects light, creating an image with a unique glimmer and sheen. This finish is perfect for capturing natural beauty, and it also works well with all types of photography.

Another interesting feature of this process is that it can impart a textured effect on smooth areas in the photo or artwork. This is particularly true of a clear blue sky or a still lake that typically would appear flat and uninteresting with other print methods.

Because this process can be difficult to control, it’s important to make sure you work with a trusted and experienced print technician. This person will be able to manage the print processes, colors and materials to ensure that you get a great result.

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