Disposable Gloves – Why Latex is Better Than Nitrile

Disposable gloves dmbsupply protect healthcare workers, patients and the environment from a variety of hazards. They prevent infections, burns, scratches and abrasions and minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

Are disposable gloves latex?

Different materials make disposable gloves better for certain environments, so it’s important to know what you’re working with when deciding which type of glove to purchase. Nitrile, latex and vinyl all offer unique benefits.

Nitrile is a good choice for high-risk applications, such as handling hazardous chemicals or liquids. The material is breathable, heat-resistant and has excellent elasticity.

Latex, on the other hand, is a popular choice for many different industries because it’s flexible and strong. This allows for easy handling and a tight fit that keeps the gloves in place.

Unlike nitrile or vinyl, latex is a natural rubber. It’s soft and flexible, yet still strong and durable enough to withstand punctures and tears.

It’s also a great option for people with allergies to nitrile or vinyl. It’s also a good option for people who work with oil or chemicals that may degrade rubber.

After realizing that disposable gloves are often made from nitrile, vinyl and latex, Karthika Hariprasad started working on an environmentally friendly glove. Her goal was to find a way to use PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) that would biodegrade and not harm the environment. She was successful, winning the Lemelson Early Inventor Prize at the Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair. It was a long journey, but she was able to make her vision a reality.

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