How to Stop Spam Sign Ups

spam sign ups

Spam sign ups can be a big headache for your business, especially if you’re trying to build an email list. They can cause your sender reputation to go down, and they can even affect your delivery rates.

There are several ways you can identify spam sign ups and remove them from your subscriber list. This includes detecting fake emails in your list and checking them against email verification tools like Mailgun.

Check for common characteristics of spam email addresses – if you notice that a lot of new subscribers have the same email address, it could be a sign of a spambot signing up. It also looks suspicious if you see email addresses that contain gibberish, have a similar domain name, or are listed on block lists.

The Impact of Bot Spam on Email Marketing and How to Prevent It

Implement time-analysis – time-analysis is a tool that will show you when your form is filled out by humans and bots. Humans need at least 4 to 5 seconds to fill a form, while bots only take a few milliseconds.

Use reCAPTCHA – Google’s free tool will recognize spambots and prevent them from signing up on your website. It’s easy to implement and won’t slow down your website or eat up any of your server’s CPU.

Double opt-in – This is another form of email verification that’s easy to implement. It sends a follow-up email that asks recipients to click a link to confirm their subscription. This helps ensure your contact list is made up of legitimate users and keeps spambots out.

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